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Studio 3X offers a variety of well-established gay porn and erotic sites which we are currently reconfiguring on a new, custom platform (S3X Porn) with integrated blogs, tubes, galleries, pornstar profiles, etc.

Current Platform Niche New Platform
Raunchy Fuckers
Bareback Porn #BBBH
Wily Willy
Hot Naked Muscle
Real Men Are Hot
Hot Male Pix
Vanilla Porn Spunk Bud
Boy Perfect
Jock Spunk
Hot Naked Muscle
Real Men Are Hot
(nothing) Oral Sex Oral Pig
Twisted Pig Hardcore Fetish Twisted Pig
Male Prime Safe-For-Work Erotica Male Prime

FYI: The S3X Porn database has information on 12,700 different pornstars that we have identified from 14,433 porn scenes (some of which are full DVDs). We've also collected 285,880 images from those scenes of which 58,839 have been rated, and 71,476 crops have been made off those images. In other words, we're working with a lot of data, and we hope to dramatically up those numbers over the coming year. Our goal is to be the authoritative source for all things related to gay porn.